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History Of CSI Youth Movement


In 1916, the then Bishop C.H.Gill took the intiative and established a youth meeting and it was known as
Travancore Cochin Anglican Youth Convention.

The motto given for the Youth Convention was "Gather the Youth and dedicate them through the love of Jesus Christ for the service of the church and the society".

In 1926,the Youth got privilege to have a representative in the Diocesian Council.This achievment made the Youth to be accepted as an inevitable and important factor.

In 1942,the Silver Jubilee of the Youth convention was held .Units were formed in Pastorates and Outstations.

In 1948,the Youth League started to publish its official mouth-piece named as as the Yuvalokam.
Yuvalokam could stand as a corrective force against social evils in the society.

In 1959, a Girl's organisation started to function under the auspicious of Women Fellowship and got merged in the Youth League.

In 1959,Youth League started Missionary activities.

In 1969,Andra Mission was established and still it is growing to the Horizon of service and progress.

In 1978,the Youth League received a new name Youth Movement.

As a Symbol of Progress the Youth League was given a General Secretary.

Youth Movement is furnished with many programmes like Annual Conference,Retreats,Youth Festivals,Bible Studies etc.

The flaming torch is now handed to the new generation and the doors of opportunities are open.

We,the dynamic youths of the Diocese are here.Having realized our great heritage we must pledge to go through the path of responsibility and dedication.